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With 30 years production experience, both internationally and locally.

We have a unique progressive approach to video production, focussing equally on results, budget and production values. We work with brands directly and with partner creative and media agencies and media outlets to create compelling content.


We script, film, edit, animate.



Filmed in the dunes of Lancelin on the outskirts of Perth. 20 horses and soldiers endured searing temperatures to achieve this scene. The scene was directed by Bruce and shot in multiple passes to achieve the result of 400 horses charging.

From the top down the entire scene was composited, the sky was replaced, the 3dplanes added, horses layered, dust created, four wheel drive tire tracks removed and post cameramovement to enhance the drama. The scene was created prior to the offline edit and once finally added to the film was used in the opening sequence and later on in its entirety.



An integral scene to the Walers story. Once again the scene was filmed in Lancelin this time however in the quarry. Using footage shot in Damascus by a second unit crew we composited the Lancelin dramatisation in the Gorge.


It was a combination of lots of motion tracking, painting and color matching. The shot is effectively 3 shots composited. The first shot shot is the foreground, the rocks on the left and the foreground shrubs. Shot in Damascus. The second shot is the horses, the road and 12 ft cliff directly behind the action. Shot in Lancelin. The third shot is the entire mountain and rocks. Filmed in Damascus at the Barada Gorge.



The color palette of the film was determined mosty by the subject matter. It is a story of loss and suffering.

Other considerations were a sympathetic approach to the blood and gore. A palette for the night war scenes was agreed to be blue and

orange. This was enhanced later by creating flashing pools of orange light to emphasise the bombs in the area.

The palette for the war scenes was to have strong skin tones with a desaturated environment with particular attention to dulling down the blood. The scenes of the streets in Damascus where graded to create a more sinister environment.


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